Perlut has a marketing background, and so he asked Snyder how his marketing experience helped him become a better NFL owner.

“Well, I think it led me to understand the brand, and the marketing side, and the business side of football,” Snyder said. “Not, obviously — I was very young coming in here — and the football side, it took some time to get that really going. But from the standpoint of understanding brands, understanding marketing, it was a distinct advantage in helping, I believe, build the franchise, build the brand bigger and more popular than ever.”

Later in the segment, Perlut asked Snyder about the Redskins’ social media initiatives.

“Nowadays we’re a now generation, everyone wants information now, they want knowledge, breaking news, they want info as quick as they can get it,” Snyder said. “And that’s the advantage of social media, you’re able to really deliver it now.

“And we can let someone know the traffic patterns going to the stadium right to their smart phone, so they’ll turn a different direction and they can go in there and save time. Whatever the information is, we can deliver it in a fashion that we weren’t able to do a decade ago.

“And I think social media gives us that advantage, it lets people know instantaneous information about an injury during training camp or a trade that took place, information now. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow to read the newspaper or search the web. We can deliver it right to. And that’s the advantage social media really has.”

(Photo via Redskins Blog.)