In one final nugget from Daniel Snyder’s media tour with his team’s three official television partners, here’s the owner, when asked by Larry Michael about LaVar Arrington’s recent return to Redskins Park.

“Thrilled that he came back and [that he] really has, I think, started to embrace the fact that we see him as a great Redskin, as somebody that we will always see as a Redskin, always bleed burgundy and gold,” Snyder said. “We want him to be part of the alumni, and as he gets older, I think he’s really gonna understand how us reaching out to him and his experience with us will be a life-charger for him. And hopefully he’ll continue to do more with the overall organization and alumni in the future.”

“You know,” Michael said, “for a generation of Redskins fans, LaVar was to them like Larry Brown is for me. I still get goosebumps when I see Larry Brown. I know a lot of the kids feel that way about LaVar, so it’s a good situation.”

“Sure,” Snyder said, “I think so too.”

Full disclosure: LaVar, of course, is a Washington Post contributor, who regularly makes fun of my build.