(Photo by Jake Russell.)

The Redskins owner then spoke at length with SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday afternoon, spending nearly 10 minutes talking about his quarterback, his defense, his team’s brain trust and his team’s division.

Highlights follow. Photo via @_JakeRussell. See part II, on the fan experience and Roger Goodell, right here.

On RGIII’s personality: “Very bright. Very, very bright. He understands what he has to do here. And it’s going to take some time, but I think he’s really excited. We’re excited to have him. So it’s a big deal for us.”

On RGIII’s leadership: “Well, he’s a real team guy. And what’s impressive, when you go back and look at when he won the Heisman, he gives the credit to his teammates, to the school, to Baylor, and he really understands that it’s a team sport. Although he is obviously an unbelievable athlete, and really, off the field, everything you are looking for, he understands what it’s about to be a team.”

On RGIII’s abilities: “In terms of the quarterback, every so often you see his athletic ability. You see something that you don’t see in 90-some percent of the quarterbacks, and that’s somebody that can do some things that most can’t do. And it’s just gonna take him a little bit of time to learn the Redskins’ system, and the National Football League, and what they throw at you. That just takes time. But he’s got all the tools that you’re dreaming of. And he’s got all the tools that we thought he had.

On his 2012 roster: “I think number one, our defense is progressing. You can see that they’re used to playing together. They enjoy playing together, and I’m hoping that we’ll get even better on defense. And it’s been a staple here. I believe it’s critical. And I think that our defense is gonna surprise a bunch of people, and improve even more so this year.”

On the NFC East: “We make jokes about it, if we were in that other division over there. We see different divisions a little differently. This is the NFC East. It’s, in my mind, by far the toughest division. And as Joe Gibbs and I would always joke around, if you can get out of this division and into the playoffs you can probably go a long way, and I think the Giants have proven that.”

On patience: “It takes a long time when you bring in a new staff, also, that really wants to change our defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4. That takes a few years to really get clicking. You’ve just got to be patient. I was very very patient with Joe Gibbs for quite some time, and we got close a few times. And I would have loved him to stay til he turned 80, but he had to retire. You’re searching for the right combination. I think we’ve got that now.”

On Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan: “I’m with both of them a bunch. And obviously Mike’s a little more busy right now, as training camp gets going, than Bruce, but they’re great guys. I think they’ve done a good job of getting us going in the right direction. And putting the pieces together takes time. So we’re excited about the future.”