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The Redskins owner then spoke at length with SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday afternoon, spending nearly 10 minutes talking about his quarterback, his defense, his team’s brain trust and his team’s division.

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But Snyder also spent some time talking to hosts Ross Tucker and Pat Kirwan about less Redskins-specific issues, such as improving the in-game fan experience to keep people from wanting to watch NFL games at home.

“I think it starts before the game,” Snyder explained. “It starts at the tailgate: the experience, your friends, your family, and tailgating. We happen to have the largest tailgate system in the National Football League, and we’re real proud of it. And when you come to a Redskins game three hours before, it is a sea of Redskins fans tailgating, having a great time with their family, their friends.

“And then at the stadium you’ve got to constantly update the equipment,” Snyder continued. “We’re putting in ribbon boards this year. Last year we put in this giant new scoreboards and video boards. And I think you’ve got to continually make sure that the fan experience is at the highest level, and is something they can’t get at home. What they can do at home — and we encourage them — is watch the games. But I think for all of us that watch football in person, there’s nothing like being live.”

Snyder was also asked about Jimmy Haslam III, the new owner of the Browns, and while the Redskins owner said they don’t know each other personally, he said he’d heard good things.

“For me, from an ownership perspective, what it’s all about is making sure that other owners, when they come into the league, are as interested in the National Football League and will represent the National Football League and will strive to win and strive to compete,” Snyder said.

Tucker — a former player for Snyder’s Redskins — later talked about how it was always clear how much the owner wanted to win here.

“And that’s one of the things that I hear about the Cleveland owner,” Snyder said. “It is all about winning for me. I grew up, six years old, my first Redskins game with my father, who’s since passed away. It is a personal experience, and something that I have a passion for. I’d give anything to win a Super Bowl, this year and every year. It’s something that you’re striving to do, and there’s only one team that’s happy at the end of the year. And...it takes some time to learn, as well, as an owner.”

The final question of Snyder’s appearance concerned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“I think he’s doing a fine job,” Snyder said. “I think that the entire NFL staff does a good job for us up in New York. It’s a tough job. You’re dealing with so many people. Whenever you’re dealing with people, there’s always issues. But I’m just looking forward to this Thursday, our first preseason game, and then the beginning of September. Let’s get it going.”

(Snyder also told Tucker that he hasn’t played a lot of racquetball lately, which was once his signature sport.

“I played Gibbs, and his son Coy, and everybody,” Snyder said. “We used to play a lot. Haven’t played in a while. My knees hurt a little bit too much.”)