“We’re really excited about this year — obviously excited about our new quarterback and the direction of the franchise,” Snyder said, flashing a big smile.

Theismann then interrupted, mentioning that smile and asking how excited Snyder is about his new quarterback.

“Yeah, you know, we’re making progress.” Snyder said. “Obviously he’s young, he’s got a long way to go. But he is so dedicated. We see him at Redskins Park — he’s first in, last out. I mean, he is the entire package. It’s exciting to have him, and we’re fortunate to have him. So we’re really excited about what coach is doing and what Bruce is doing, and I think we’ve got a great future.”

A few minutes later, Clinton Portis joined the Redskins Radio Network, where he was also asked about Robert Griffin III.

“I think RGIII’s gonna be great for this organization,” Portis said. “The energy in the stadium is electric for a preseason game. I think RGIII, he only has an upside to him, being so young and having an opportunity to lead an organization. He’s gonna learn as he go....You put weapons around him and I think he’s gonna be spectacular.”

Speaking of spectacular, Larry Michael later asked Portis about returning to the radio booth. Portis encouraged them to stay in touch.

“If Sam got a cell phone and he can remember my number, call me,” Portis said, to uproarious laughter. “Sam, it’s 911,” he added.

Huff promised to call collect.