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A few matters of interest were brought up, as when Comcast SportsNet’s Kelli Johnson said something about how Snyder had been a hands-on owner in the past.

“You know, I really wasn’t with Joe Gibbs,” Snyder said. “And Joe would tell everyone that. And him and I still speak every week or two, very close friends. [It was] more of a friendship, more of an admiration, more of a supporter in the case of Joe. Obviously that changed for a couple years, but I think we’re in good hands now with Mike and Bruce, and I’m just excited about the future.”

Then Johnson asked whether “the old Dan Snyder” would have been itching to bring in a big-name veteran quarterback this offseason.

“You know, there’s a lot of myths about the old Dan Snyder,” the owner said. “And I think I’ll leave it at that, and they are myths. You trust someone, whether it’s Joe Gibbs or whether it’s Mike Shanahan, to do their job. You let ‘em do their job, and then hopefully you have success. And I think what you’re seeing now with both Bruce and Mike is that we’re just in good hands, and the future’s real bright for the Redskins. And people need to be patient. I’m very patient, and I understand what they’re trying to do. You can start to feel what they’re doing, and it’s exciting for everyone.”

Snyder also spoke with WJLA’s Britt McHenry, who asked him about the players wanting to work on the Monday after the Giants game.

“It just shows that we’re in good hands, not only from a player leadership perspective with London, but also the coaching staff,” he said. “It’s taken some time to put things together.”

McHenry also asked Snyder about the lawsuit against Washington City Paper, which he dismissed before the season opener.

“I think enough’s been said about that, and I think we made our point,” the owner said. “And from my perspective, I’m just looking forward to Sunday.”