(Bob Leverone/AP)

Snyder talked about his business background and the keys to entrepreneurial success. Some of the quotes:

 * “One of the biggest challenges I found in businesses is making sure that you were listening to your client, and making sure that you partner with them. My advice to small businesses is listen to your clients. Listen to them. Because the customer is really king.”

* “One of the most important things I find in business is that you need passion. It has to be from the heart, it has to be natural, or you’re forcing it.”

* “Why do entrepreneurs risk? Because that’s the nature of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has to be able to take risks, otherwise they’ll never succeed. So many risks that you don’t even see as risks, you actually see it a little bit different.”

* “One of the things about being an entrepreneur is it makes you somewhat brave, in reality. You’re just an entrepreneur and you’re brave and you say ok I’m gonna go do this. It’s risky as can be, and you don’t realize how risky it is. So you’re actually making these decisions and going forward, and in hindsight, looking back now, many years decades ago, you say God that was really risky, why’d I do that, and it turned out to be, some of it, very very smart.

* “Here’s my advice: Never quit. Never. And that’s as simple as it is. And if you love it, be passionate and just keep going. You’ll be fine.”