Darrell Green’s emotional defense of Redskins tradition on the LaVar and Dukes show this week wasn’t particularly humorous, but there was one sort of funny part that came at the end. Seemed like a different blog post. So you here go.

This came near the end, after Green had said he understands why coaches bring in their own people.

“Coaching is about friends and family,” Green said. “If I get a job, I’m calling in you, because I know you. And that’s what these coaches do, it’s either their family or their friends. That’s not a negative thing. It is what it is. They have their own friends and their own ideas and they think, oh, we can get this done.”

And then, Green started talking about Marty Schottenheimer, with whom he famously disagreed during their one season together.

“Schottenheimer, his wife was really disappointed when it all went down and he got fired in one year,” Green said. “She said to me, ‘I don’t understand why y’all won’t support him.’

“And I said to her, you know, you think you’re like Dorothy, still in Kansas. Your husband never embraced this community. This is a different community. You have to invest in this community and see how WE dance, and not think everybody here’s gonna dance to what you did in another place.

“It’s your responsibility, not ours, to be with us, to be with this community. This is the D.C. area; it’s different than Kansas. And it’s incumbent upon your husband, not us, to embrace this community and the processes of this community and how we do business. We’re not knocking that he’s a great coach and he won over there. But we’re not there anymore.”

Ok, maybe that’s not laugh-out-loud funny. But Darrell Green came pretty close to telling Marty Schottenheimer’s wife that she wasn’t in Kansas anymore.