(Evan Vucci/AP)

1) They say they’d like to win the turnover battle.

2) They employ Rex Grossman.

Grossman, bless him, has 18 turnovers in his nine starts this season. His 15 interceptions are third in the NFL, and he has 95 fewer pass attempts than anyone else in the top six of that category.

As a team, Washington is second in interceptions, tied for sixth in fumbles lost, and tied for dead last in turnover margin.

And that’s where that contradiction thing comes into play.

“If you don’t fix it, you don’t win,” Mike Shanahan said on Monday. “You turn the football over like we did on the 11-yard line, you give them 10 points, it’s the difference between winning and losing. It’s something you emphasize. Players know that if you don’t succeed in that area, you’re not gonna win. But you work on it, you try to get turnovers, you try to prevent ‘em, and that’s about all you can do.”

Well, that, or get a new quarterback. Because here’s what Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis told CSN Washington about Grossman.

“You know, he turned the ball over,” Revis said. “Coming into this game, that’s what we wanted to do. We know he turns it over a lot. So I think we just wanted to put pressure on him this game, show him different looks and get him to throw some turnovers.”

And that’s your 2011 Redskins season.

(Revis also talked to CSN Washington about DeAngelo Hall calling Mark Sanchez “middle of the pack.”

“That’s just DeAngelo talking,” Revis said. “DeAngelo always says what’s on his mind. I know him personally. He’s a trash talker. We know that about DeAngelo, and if that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels. I mean, we won the game, and Mark managed the game very well, threw a touchdown for us late in the game. And he ran it well. So DeAngelo, go ahead, you can talk all you want now.”

Watch the interview here.)