Still and all, this week’s news that Darrelle Revis always wanted to be a Maryland football player seems significant enough to merit a headline. The update came on Wednesday’s Scott Van Pelt Show, causing great pain to the massive Terps fan who hosts the show.

Van Pelt: I just found out some horrible news. Darrelle Revis tells me you were waiting on a letter from who?

Revis: Maryland.

Van Pelt: That’s where you wanted to play college football?

Revis: That’s where I wanted to play.

Van Pelt: And what happened?

Revis: Never got recruited.

Van Pelt: That is gutting, gutting news.

Revis: My dad lived there for 10 years. And every summer, we’d break school, I’d be down there for months.

Van Pelt: Awesome.

Revis: And [I’d] be by the university, and told my dad I was coming to Maryland. And he’s like, that’s great. And just never got [recruited].

Rob Gronkowski: That’s how Coach Friedgen rolls.

Van Pelt: Stop it. C’mon now. C’mon now....Just great to find out that the best defensive back in the NFL, my Terps did not recruit.”

(Audio here. Thanks to Reader Dan P. for the tip.)