I hadn’t heard much about this Dave Razzano fellow until this season, when the “longtime former NFL scout,” as he’s usually referred to, became a quoted expert in a number of media sources. Razzano, as is often pointed out, worked with Super Bowl teams in St. Louis and San Francisco, and now lives in the Bay Area.

Tuesday morning, he was on 106.7 The Fan with the Junkies, who asked the ex-scout about Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen.

“Well I think Mike Shanahan, I’ve always said, he’s as good a coach as you’re gonna get,” Razzano said. “You just have to have the horses. You know, Bruce Allen’s good, but Bruce Allen’s more of a business guy, a cap guy. They need a personnel guy, and Shanahan’s never really had a personnel guy.”

At which point Razzano was asked about Mike Shanahan, the team’s executive vice president and coach, as a personnel guy.

“Well, he’s not very good at all, but that shouldn’t be his job,” Razzano said. “A coach should never be the personnel guy. But again, it’s the information you’re getting from your underlings. He didn’t have strong personnel people in Denver, and in Washington, I don’t even know who the personnel people are in Washington.

“But I know Mike Shanahan and people who have worked with him, and he’s a control guy. He wants all the control. And the bottom line, Jimmy Johnson’s always said it, you’re as good as your talent. So Mike Shanahan will win if he has the horses, but if he’s in charge of getting the horses, no, he’s not a very good talent guy.”