The Davey Johnson and Joe Maddon war of words started out fun. Madden calls Johnson a coward, Johnson calls Maddon a weird wuss. Everybody laughs and we add some fun phrases to the list of potential T-shirts.

But now it’s just getting ridiculous.

“I don’t want to get in a shouting match with Joe,” Johnson told the media yesterday. “I looked him up on the Internet and found out he has a Tweeter, so he can get to more people than me.”

Johnson saying “tweeter” instead of Twitter is an adorably old man thing to do. Then, Maddon responded with his own “tweeter” quote.

“Most men have Tweeters. I would never use my Tweeter to an unfair advantage.”

That went from adorable old man to creepy old man very quickly.

Here is Comcast SportsNet’s video compilation of the war of words, including Maddon comparing the incident to insider trading.