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Davey Johnson celebrates Michael Morse’s homer

“It was great when John Wall came to our area and brought his unique dance style — we were all impressed,” a solid member of the community (who is not prone to hyperventilation) e-mailed me early Monday morning. “But that had to be easily surpassed by the cool moves that our illustrious Nats manager put on yesterday after viewing Michael Morse’s home run that tied the game.

“Not saying that Davey qualifies for next season’s Dancing With the Stars,” he continued, “but he should be considered for a competition of best moves by D.C. sports personality.”

Now, bear in mind that Johnson’s celebratory dance-type thing from Sunday afternoon was brief. But yeah, it was pretty good. Luckily, it has been extended and set to music by the D.C. Sports Nexus. Video above.

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