Unless you’re an Orioles fan, there are few things more annoying than when Baltimore fans yell “O!” during the national anthem. Even within the Orioles family, there is debate over whether it’s disrespectful. Some say it is, some say get over it and some are already teaching their offspring how to do it right.

You can add Davey Johnson to the “not a fan” side of the argument. The Nats-Orioles series starts tonight, and Johnson is having none of your “O!”.

“It’s a great little rivalry,” Johnson told MASN. “It never was much of a rivalry because the Orioles used to do a little whopping up on people over here. But right now, I think we’re evenly matched ballclubs, pretty good young clubs. So I’m excited about it, and hopefully the fans around will be excited about it.

“I hope I don’t hear, during the National Anthem, the ‘Ohs!’ too loud. But I’m sure I probably will.”

Washington fans can’t exactly cast stones in that department after Caps fans adopted the yelling of “Red!” during the anthem. It’s a good thing that “Natitude” doesn’t appear in the lyrics.

By even saying anything at all, Johnson is all but guaranteeing an extra loud helping of “O!” tonight.

In other Davey news, apparently he got a kick out of Wednesday’s rubber chicken sacrifice. Hugh Kaufman, the chicken swinging ringleader, tweeted that he got Johnson to sign the chicken.

“Yup, Davey signed the sacrificed chicken. He couldn’t stop laughing.”

Thanks to this photographic evidence by Cheryl Nichols, we now know that proper autographing of sacrificed poultry protocol dictates that you should sign the rear end of the chicken.