Davey Johnson is a pretty cool cucumber, so it’s a big deal when something gets him fired up enough to yell at an umpire. Even more so when it earns him his first ejection of the season.

Johnson was tossed in Atlanta Saturday afternoon, after a blown call in the sixth inning lured him out of the dugout and into the first base umpire Marvin Hudson’s face.

“If I can see it from 150 feet that the throw beats him, and he’s on the bag and he was out of position, I wanted him to get help,” Johnson said in his post game presser. “Those are critical points in games. I’ve got old eyes and I can see that. He’s a good umpire. I felt like the object is to just get this right. We don’t need to give them a little added momentum here. Get some help. I probably overreacted, but it was really a critical point in the ballgame. My pitcher pitched a heck of a ballgame. We had a lead. We don’t need to give them any gifts.”

Johnson’s “old eyes” got this one right.