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But after forecasting an NCAA final game of Kentucky versus North Carolina on Tuesday morning, David Aldridge said this.

“I’ve got Kentucky, 79-75, and I’ll give you a little bonus: and the Wizards hire John Calipari afterwards to run the show.”

 “I’m gonna say this: this is not something that comes completely out of the blue,” Kornheiser quickly responded. “There are a lot of people who will say this: that in the last three to five years, John Calipari has sent more good players to the pros than anyone....I do think John Calipari understands basketball players, and he knows how to coach and prepare basketball players. Now he was a disaster with the Nets, but you think to yourself, everybody should get one more shot.”

 “I think — I KNOW — John wants very badly to get back in the NBA, and he wants to win a national championship too,” Aldridge said. “And so if he wins the national championship here, his work is done....

“And if you’ve given John Wall the keys to the car, and said you’re my guy, you’re in charge of this franchise, then I think to get the most out of John Wall, you bring in the guy that got him. Just a thought. No inside information. But just a thought.”

 “But this is not something that’s simply thrown up against the wall,” Kornheiser concluded. “There are a lot of people that believe he wants back in. And so then you say to yourself, where does it make the most sense. And I will say this – he’s the most charming guy. John Calipari is the most charming guy. He really is.”

(Thanks to ESPN 980 for the audio.)