For some reason, many of you don’t believe the countless anecdotal reports of a growing Ravens presence in certain parts of the D.C. metropolitan area, particularly in upper Montgomery, Frederick and southern Howard Counties. I know that you would never, ever, ever consider switching your loyalties to those purple fellers, but there are plenty of people — and way too many teenagers — who don’t share your qualms, loyal Redskins fan.

Anyhow, here’s one item that’s stronger than a “my cousin’s girlfriend’s neighbor’s plumber’s son wears purple camo” anecdote: Z-Burger, a local burger chain with a location on Wisconsin Avenue, is offering a Ravens-themed promotion. Like, the Baltimore Ravens. For a sandwich shop in D.C.

The degree to which that would have been incomprehensible a decade ago is probably not possible to describe in one sentence. Via NBC Washington:

If the Ravens win this weekend, Z-Burger will dish up free burgers for everyone (Redskins fans or not) on Monday.

To get the deal, just say “Go Ravens” on Monday at the Z-Burger in Tenleytown (4321 Wisconsin Ave. NW) or White Marsh (8145 Honeygo Blvd., White, Marsh, Md.). You’ll score a single hamburger, cheeseburger, veggie burger or turkey burger (one per customer).

If you’re as loyal as you say you are, you wouldn’t say “Go Ravens,” even with a free veggie burger — nay, 10 free veggie burgers — at stake. But some punk kid from Germantown will gladly step in front of you and utter those two accursed words, turkey burger grease dripping from his eyelids. And then he’ll ask for extra fries, just to rub it in.