The Post did a large public-opinion survey of Washington-area sports fans over the summer, asking a huge number of questions about Washington-area sports fandom. I wrote a story about the results. Read it here. I’m also doing a chat at 1:30 on Monday. Link here.

Now, whether you believe these numbers is up to you, I guess. Ted Leonsis has already expressed public doubt:

I never believe totally in polls like this. The sample sizes are quite small. Sports are all about emotion, dedication, belief and commitment. Our community is huge and growing. It is tough to encapsulate it by making a few random phone calls. That is an old school methodology and one that has failed politicians for decades.

I’m pretty sure our polling department does not rely on “a few random phone calls,” but again, up to you. You can look at the full results and examine the methodology here. To me, the most interesting questions may have been the ones about the favorite teams of Washington-area sports fans, which I’ll summarize here.

Favorite NFL Team of Washington-area Football Fans

Washington Redskins: 48 percent

Baltimore Ravens: 6 percent

Dallas Cowboys: 6 percent

New England Patriots: 5 percent

Pittsburgh Steelers: 5 percent

Other: 21 percent

None: 10 percent

Favorite NBA Team of Washington-area Basketball Fans

Washington Wizards: 29 percent

Los Angeles Lakers: 14 percent

Boston Celtics: 9 percent

Miami Heat: 7 percent

Chicago Bulls: 4 percent

Other: 18 percent

None: 18 percent

Favorite NHL Team of Washington-area Hockey Fans

Washington Capitals: 72 percent

Pittsburgh Penguins: 5 percent

Other: 15 percent

None: 8 percent

Favorite MLB Team of Washington-area Baseball Fans

Washington Nationals: 36 percent

Baltimore Orioles: 15 percent

Boston Red Sox: 8 percent

New York Yankees: 8 percent

Other: 23 percent

None: 10 percent