Well, that wasn’t likely to happen at the Nats game, since it was in San Diego, so some fans took it upon themselves to bring RGIII with them. Via lonnnnnnngtime reader and San Diego resident Jason:

Out of the sparse crowd of 18,000, there were around 6-7,000 Nats fans (some with brooms), Capitals fans, and Redskins fans. One group of Redskins fans (like me, they have lived in San Diego for a while)  wore Redskins gear and brought a couple of RG3/Hope posters. They then led an R-G-3 chant from the first row of the second level. My wife was disappointed I didn’t take the poster home after my son and I posed with it.

So, all in all, even at a Nationals game 3,000 miles away, we were all excited for RG3 Day. And even though the Nats lost, it felt like a good day.

New day dawning, etc etc. Nats Enquirer has an RGIII image from the MASN broadcast.