(Via DCUnited.om.)

These images show the more than 500 D.C. United fans who saw Saturday’s 1-0 road win in person. The images sure look more impressive than “500 fans” would suggest, partially because the fans were all seated standing together, and partially because of all the “Philly Invasion” scarves and drums and whatnot.

Regardless, it was clearly an impressive showing.

“Fans were absolute class,” Chris Pontius, who scored the winner, wrote on Twitter. “Chanting for 90 minutes. Much love.”

“Unbelievable,” Coach Ben Olsen said, via the team’s Web site. “It’s the best road performance I’ve seen from them ever.”

On the other hand, here was Ivan Nova, on the Yankees fans at Nats Park Sunday.

“Everybody here was Yankee fans,” Nova said, via the New York Daily News. “To be able to pitch a good game, have that ovation from those fans, I feel really good.”

(Images via DCUnited.com, the Screaming-Eagles.com, and @harDCor_barra)