(Photo courtesy D.C. United.)

“We see a pathway [to a new stadium], and we also know we’re going to have to use our machete to get there,” Jason Levien said then. “We know there are going to be some hurdles along the way and we’re excited and energized to take them on.”

Fans immediately began wondering if the team would sell machete t-shirts or plush machetes. Tracee Hamilton used the quote high in her column, writing that the DCU ownership “trio’s machete is money, money, money.”

“From this day forth, my nickname for the DCU investors is FC Machete,” Steven Goff wrote.

Well, maybe this was inevitable, but Levien finally has his machete. One of the leaders of the Barra Brava, Big Rob, presented him with this Home Depot model at Saturday’s tailgate.

(Photo via the Barra Brava.)