So maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe you’ve been too obsessed with The Beckoning, or maybe you just come here for radio transcriptions, but The Post is in the midst of a large project to describe and engage with D.C. Sports fans. Besides causing me a lot of work, this project also includes a contest to find the person who has the best combination of spirit (rah!), local-sports knowledge and loyalty.

The contest’s finalists will participate in two rounds of face-offs, with winners decided by a combination of reader comments and a panel of judges, including yours truly. The final three contestants will compete head-to-head(-to-head) in a live trivia night. The winner will win a $1,000 gift card and the runners-up will each receive $250 gift cards. I’m not quite sure if I’m able to accept bribes, but I guess I’d listen. (Kidding, bosses, kidding.)

To enter, fill out the application below and read the complete contest rules. Some of the trivia questions might seem challenging for rote amateurs, but getting one wrong won’t eliminate you from contention. Getting them all right will definitely help you advance to the final rounds. Good luck, godspeed, and remember: 20 years from now, similar contests will almost certainly include questions about John Beck.

To stay updated on all contest-related events, and read partial submissions visit

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