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The last time I did this, the leaders included Mike Sellers, Santino Quaranta and Boyd Gordon. With Sellers’s release on Monday, that entire trio is gone. So the new list, as best as I can figure, looks like this.

1. Chris Cooley: Has finished 8 seasons

2. Brooks Laich: In midst of 8th season

3. Ryan Zimmerman: Starting 8th season

4. Santana Moss: Has finished 7 seasons.

5. Alexander Semin: In midst of 7th season

6. Alex Ovechkin In midst of 7th season

7. Andray Blatche: In midst of 7th season

8. Mike Green In midst of 7th season

9. Ian Desmond: Starting 7th season

9t. Reed Doughty: Has finished 6 seasons

9t. Kedric Golston: Has finished 6 seasons

9t. Rocky McIntosh: Has finished 6 seasons

As for who the grand champion is, well, that depends. Semin debuted in October of 2003, which was the earliest of anyone on this list, but he was gone for two whole seasons due to the lockout and his return to Russia. Laich’s first game was in February of 2004, but due to the lockout, he hasn’t yet completed his eighth season in Washington. Cooley didn’t begin in the fall of 2004, but he’s the only one on this list that has finished eight full seasons.

So it’s one of those three, anyhow.

Feel free to point out any names I missed.

(I obviously missed Santana Moss first time through. Apologies.)

(I was looking at Ian Desmond’s Spring Training game log, because I’m an idiot. He’s been stricken.)

(This list really stunk.)