DeAngelo Hall is consistently on the list of the best trash talkers in the NFL. Getting into the heads of opponents and psyching them out is a big part of defensive play, and the Redskins cornerback has plans to get a degree that could help him better his mind games.

Hall, who played college ball for Virginia Tech, is six credits shy of his psychology degree at the university and plans to complete his requirements during the Spring 2013 semester.

“I always wanted to do it,” explained Hall, who said he chose psychology because of the online curriculum the degree offered. “I never thought I would make it to the NFL. When I went to college, that wasn’t my dream. My dream was to graduate. But when the chance came to go play, I left school early as a true junior, when the opportunity presented itself.”

Many players who have had his success might have left the degree behind, but Hall considers it unfinished business. He plans on walking with the class of 2013 in May, a symbolic moment a decade in the making.

“I told my mom I would [graduate],” he told me. “It’s [also] for my kids. It’s taken me 10 years.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s been a little busy.


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