He is from the same area as me, and his agent was having a pool party right after the Olympics. D-Hall is a trash talker, so of course he started talking that he could beat me in a race. I just won the gold medal so I wasn’t hearing any of it. He was going to put up $100,000 against my gold medal. He wanted to do a 40-yard dash, but we settled on the 100-meter. Nothing ever came of it, though.

This is a terrible bet on Hall’s part considering Olympic gold medals contain more silver than actual gold. Even with memorabilia value, it’s not worth $100k.

That being said, this is a race I wouldn’t mind seeing. Merritt is the fifth fastest 400 m runner of all time and DeAngelo Hall once ran a 4.15 40. Considering that the former is currently training for the Olympics and the latter is in the off season, it’s safe to assume that Merritt would come out of this $100k wealthier.