But when SiriusXM came to Redskins training camp on coverage, they asked Hall about his beard, and he answered at length, so now my hand has been forced.

“If I go ahead and shave that off I could definitely lose a couple pounds,” Hall admitted. “You know what, this offseason was just grind mode, just grind mode, grinding, trying to work out as much as I can, trying to stay in shape. And it just came to a point where it just became me. It just became me.”

His significant other, he said. “actually hates it. She hates it, my kids hate it, but until we win some games and put a little streak together, I’m not gonna cut it.”

Never too early for a playoff beard, in my estimation. If you want to hear his football thoughts, he said he would be changing his cornerbacking style this season, playing more aggressive at the line but worrying less about picks.

(Luis Alvarez/AP)

“But my DB coach wants me to just get up there and challenge guys on the line, and so far in camp I’ve been trying to get up there and press a lot more, be as patient as I can, and make a team beat me deep.”

Hall also praised the front office’s offseason approach, specifically saying it was good that the Redskins didn’t chase a first-round quarterback in the draft.

“For the first time I feel like we didn’t get a guy just to get a guy,” he said, talking about Ryan Kerrigan. “We actually sat back, thought about it, made an educated decision. We felt like the guys we had a chance to get were gonna help our team better than a guy we just jumped up and grabbed. That’s what we did when we drafted the outside linebacker. We felt like he could help us out more right now, and the quarterback situation would take care of itself.”

And the beard?

“I got grays, going bald,” Hall said at the interview’s end. “It’s a tribute to the path I’ve been on.”