The whole “9/11 will be a perception problem for the NFL” issue has been floating around for weeks, as in, the league would receive a significant blowback from fans if it cancels football games on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

Can’t say that’s a talking point that would sway me. I mean, I like NFL football. I hated 9/11. I will probably reflect on the 10-year anniversary this fall, and I would probably also enjoy watching NFL football on that day. But I wouldn’t necessarily link the two events, and truth be told, I’d probably do a better job reflecting were I not checking fantasy football stats and reading tweets about John Beck.

Anyhow, USA Today has decreed that “9/11 raises stakes in NFL lockout,” with Michael Hiestand writing that “The NFL, which markets itself as an American icon, would look silly” if the league was shuttered during “9/11 commemorations and remembrances of loss and bravery.”

Uh, maybe.

Now DeAngelo Hall has also made the link. The Redskins cornerback was his usual quotable self after Tuesday’s players-run practice; here’s what he said when asked if he was worried about missing games, via 106.7 The Fan:

“Not really,” Hall said, “not really. We’ve got a pretty significant game on 9/11; hopefully we can give the fans what they want to see, which is some American football on the anniversary of that tragic event. So hopefully we can get out there and be ready for that game. But could it not be? Absolutely. Absolutely. We might be sitting right here, doing the same thing we’re doing right now.”