(Tom Gannam - AP.)

1) Hall listens to Nickelback and Daughtry before games.

This actually came up last week, when Hall was greeted with some hip-hop by the show’s producer, leading LaVar Arrington to suggest that this was racial typecasting, and that the cornerback maybe prefers Tim McGraw.

“I’m a Nickelback kind of guy,” Hall responded.

So this week, Hall was greeted with some Nickelback, and Chad Dukes asked him what that was all about.

“I just tried it one time, and I’ll tell you what man, I liked it,” Hall replied. “Daughtry, all that stuff, man. I can’t get too hyped before the game. I’m already hyped enough. So I need some stuff to just mellow me out. Sometimes you work yourself up so much, heart beating so fast, you’ve got to calm down.”

He specifically requested “Photograph” for a later segment. So now you know.

2) Hall seemed to suggest that the Redskins were a bit too pleased by their Week 1 performance.

“We had a pretty sluggish practice on Thursday,” he said. “And that’s not the reason we lost, but that’s a component of why we lost. And so this week, we’ve got to go at it. We keep our pads on for probably one or two periods. Mike [Shanahan] does that to try to keep us fresh. But we’re supposed to bang.

“And last week, we kind of went through the motions. Some guys were feeling themselves because we beat the Saints and all this, and guys couldn’t understand why I wasn’t as excited as everybody else for winning the game. And I just made the one simple statement: I went into this game knowing we had a chance to win. I feel like a lot of guys went into that game hoping we had a chance to win.

“And so for me it wasn’t a celebration, it was cool, we’ve got a win, now let’s keep it going. For everybody else, it was pass the drinks, yeah, it’s a party. Ok. That’s fine. That’s fine. But at the end of the day, we get paid to win, so let’s win some games. I guarantee this week it’ll be a lot more physical, might even be some fights in practice. We’ve got to create a sense of urgency. Not saying that this is a make-or-break or do-or-die, but if this team wants to be where we feel like we can be, then coming home, we have to show up, bottom line.”

Hall went into even greater depth on the differences when discussing game speed.

“I just think from the start of the game, we came out a little bit softer than we probably should have been,” he said. “I think if you watch us in the New Orleans game, the first couple drives, you can see guys flying around, wanting to hit people, wanting contact, just running to the ball with bad intentions. I feel like in this St. Louis game, guys were moreso kind of jogging — I think you’re gonna make that play, did you make it, aw, let me try to help you out and make it. And it was kind of like GO! Just go. If he’s down, he’s down. If he’s not, you can hit him, too.”


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