(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Well, fine. Here’s DeAngelo Hall on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix, talking about Robert Griffin III. He seems to be impressed.

(And I should note that he did preface much of this by saying that it’s too early to tell whether RGIII is finally the franchise quarterback fans have been waiting for, and that he can’t do it himself.)

“You can definitely see on that practice field when he’s out there and we’re going against him, you can kind of see the specialness coming out of him,” Hall said. “You can kind of see just the swag and the confidence and his ability to make plays....

“I feel like he’s lightyears ahead of Michael Vick, because he understands mentally what it takes to be great. You know, Mike felt like he could go out athletically and be great. RG’s like, ‘I know athletically I’m pretty good, but I want to be mentally great. And if I can be mentally great, AND athletically good or great, then it’s scary. It’s scary.’

“And his ability to want to be that great quarterback, not just a great athlete, is what’s gonna separate him from all the other guys out there. ”

Then Kevin Sheehan asked Hall to compare Griffin’s physical attributes with those of Vick, his longtime friend and former teammate.

“I feel like RG’s probably a little more accurate than Mike was [as a rookie],” Hall said. “Mike’s arm is probably a little stronger. Mike is definitely a little faster. He’s a 4.2 guy, real shifty. RG is deceptively fast, he’s a 4.3 guy himself, but you don’t see it....That kid strides out on you. He’s a 400-, 800-meter runner, so he has that turnover to where it doesn’t look like he’s running fast or working hard, but he’s still putting up those fast times too. I don’t know if RG is as shifty as Mike.”

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