(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

If it’s me and I’m listening to nonsense, I change the station. (Sorry, Wise.) But if it’s DeAngelo Hall, he apparently decides to call in.

And so, Monday afternoon, Hall used the listener line to call into 106.7 The Fan’s LaVar and Dukes show, and to register his own opinion on RGIII. Which is?

“I’m hyped about RGIII, man, I’m hyped about him,” Hall said. “There’s a little bit of bickering going back and forth, saying the Colts might get him, blah blah blah. We know the Colts gonna get Luck, and we’re excited to bring RG to the city, man.

“It’s gonna definitely be his city. He’s the prince of D.C. Obama’s the king, he’s the prince, without a doubt. Without a doubt.”

Then Chad Dukes asked DeAngelo From Ashburn what sort of impact RGIII might have on the team’s performance.

“I think he can impact this team like Cam [Newton] did,” Hall said. “Obviously with a better defense, a little more weapons around him than Cam had, but man, I think the kid’s electric. I think he’s electric. A lot of people liken him to Michael Vick because he’s a black guy and he’s fast, but I just think his mentality — compared to what Mike’s was when he came in the league — it’s 360. Just totally different. This kid wants to be the best, wants to compete.”

And as for the suggestion from a 106.7 The Fan caller that some veteran Skins might resent RGIII and his fame, causing some sort of alienation in the locker room.

“I found that very comical,” Hall said. “I think everybody who watched us play over the last couple of years knows this is exactly what we need. We’re not gonna be alienating this guy. It ain’t gonna be no rookie hazing for this kid.

“I mean, we need this guy,” he continued. “We need him from day one to come out there and be the kind of player that we know he can be. There’s definitely not gonna be anybody alienating him. We’re gonna pick him up when he’s down, we’re gonna keep praising him. He’s a young kid. We can’t forget that.”