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I said it was the pass catchers. Jason said it was the secondary. And LaVar said it was the offensive tackles, making a strong case why this was so

Well, DeAngelo Hall does not appear to think that the tackles are much of a worry.

“We have a great left tackle in Trent Williams,” Hall told WJLA’s Britt McHenry this week. “When he wants to be, he’s the best tackle in the game. I’ll stand on the table for him and shout it to the world. He’s definitely one of the most athletic big guys I’ve ever seen.”

Well, “best left tackle in the game” would be good. Not being suspended and not regularly picking up 15-yard personal fouls would also help. Regardless, interesting to see a defensive guy standing on the table for his offensive line.

This answer, by the way, came after a caller asked Hall to assess the offensive line.

“You can only spend so much money on a team,” the cornerback said. “You guys know Dan Snyder, he’s one of the best owners in the league, that’s one thing he’s not gonna shy away from is trying to bring as much talent in here as possible. So if we could go out and buy an All-Pro offensive line, we would. But because of salary caps and things like that, we can’t, so we have to kind of make do with some of the guys we have. And we feel like those guys can definitely go out and hold their own. ”

Hall was also asked about his friend Michael Vick saying the Eagles could be starting a dynasty.

“You know what, he’s feeling confident, he’s feeling a little cocky right now and probably deservedly so,” Hall said. “That team is pretty well put together....They have a lot of players, there’s no doubt about that....At the end of the day, we all have to step out on that field and play the game. I can go out here and say the same thing. It means nothing unless you go out on the field and back it up.”

McHenry then pointed out that Rex Grossman also had some big words last summer, asking if there was a difference.

“Well, one’s Grossman, one’s Mike Vick,” Hall replied.

Still later, a caller asked about replacing LaRon Landry.

“I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna be a lot less headaches, by opposing offensive guys and us,” Hall said. “LaRon was a guy who showed glimpses of greatness....I followed him ever since he came in the league and have a real close relationship with him. But he’s a guy that sometimes come out there and he’ll look like an All-Pro player, and then sometimes it’s like LaRon, what’s going on? What’re you doing? You’re supposed to do this, you’re supposed to do that.”

And the team as a whole?

“As long as we stay healthy, we’re gonna be a team to be reckoned with,” Hall said.

Yup, still quotable.

Full segment here.


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