Watching the game live, umpteen Redskins fans threw up their hands in disgust when both Redskins safeties failed to tackle Rob Gronkowski as DeAngelo Hall watched, leading to a 49-yard gain and, on the next play, a touchdown.

John Keim, the normally mild-mannered Examiner beat writer, really let Hall have it for that play in his always excellent 10 Observations column:

Hall messed up on the 49-yard catch and run by Rob Gronkowski by almost coming to a stop as Reed Doughty and DeJon Gomes attempted to wrap him up near the sidelines. Hall later said, “I thought he stepped out [of bounds].” But it’s clear the play was ongoing and with a guy like that you keep trying to bring him down. If nothing else go for a strip. Instead, nothing. It won’t look good on film at all. Players can say that the new rules have taken away some of their edge and leads to plays like this. But this was not good. Hall did come up hard enough but he has to help finish the play. Just a bad mistake.

And one Redskins fan said that play, plus Hall’s 15-yarder for throwing the flag, plus Trent Williams’s four-game suspension, are all signs that the team needs to do a better job of choosing captains next season.

The rules of the universe prevent me from embedding the video of that play, although you can watch it at SB Nation DC. Still, for the heck of it, here are some images to help you along.