Before anyone yells at me, I think any controversy over Reggie Bush enjoying himself during the lockout is stupid. Owners are keeping players away; what’s he supposed to do, wear a hair shirt while standing in the blazing sun, studying quantum physics? I mean, when you were a kid and you had a snow day, that was the school telling you to stay away; you didn’t do homework, you chilled out.

That said, if media outlets want to make a big deal about what Reggie Bush said, here’s some fresh meat. Cover your eyes, but DeAngelo Hall is also enjoying himself during the lockout.

“Not really antsy,” he told reporters on Monday. “I’m definitely enjoying this time off. I’ve still been working out and doing things like that, definitely staying in shape, but to not have any pressures of being [in Ashburn], strict rules and things like that, it definitely feels good. Feels good to just have a break. You know, we normally start this stuff up March 15, so to have all that time off feels great right now.”

Then someone asked about offseason workout bonuses.

“Funny enough,” Hall said. “I’m hardly ever in Tidewater, decided to go down there one weekend, end up getting an e-mail saying official workouts start tomorrow, be there. So I hopped in the car, came up, got my workout in. The next day we got locked back out.

“[So I] get my workout bonus, definitely stoked about that. They can lock us out till whenever, because we don’t get paid right now anyway. That’s the little misconception that a lot of fans don’t know. We get paid those 17 weeks, that’s when we get paid. The offseason we don’t get paid anything. Right now I’m just enjoying not having any mandatory workouts and things like that.”

So, he’ll get paid? Like, how much is the bonus?

“Mine’s 500,” Hall told Mike Wise, as in $500,000. “And I hit it. So they can lock us out ‘til August and I’m straight.”

Wise also asked Hall how his break was going.

“It feels kind of good to still be on summer vacation, so to say,” Hall said. “I’m enjoying myself, loving the downtime. Body’s getting a chance to really really heal up. I feel good.”