DeJon Gomes and Markus White (Sarah Kogod)

 RGIII tweeted that he was with teammates Adam Gettis and Jordan Bernstine, and people in the airport didn’t know which one of the three was the Redskins new quarterback. DeJon Gomes also has had a few cases of mistaken identity.

Has gotten confused for @RGIII at least 5 times since draft day. I don’t feel we look a like

— DeJon Gomes (@D_Gomes24) May 7, 2012

“The first time [I got mistaken for RGIII], I did a signing party at the stadium on the last day of the draft,” Gomes said. “It felt kinda weird because they were calling me his name, and I don’t know how to respond. Today, someone thought he was here in the flesh. Unfortunately, it was me. They were saying stuff about the draft and about being excited I’m here. I just smiled and laughed.”

 Never mind that they look nothing alike.

 Markus White, who was with Gomes, said that while he has never been mistaken for RGIII, he does get called by a certain ex-Redskin’s name.

 “I get called LaRon Landry all the time. I got called LaRon yesterday,” he said, shaking his head. “They think he’s bigger than he really is. I said, ‘He plays for the Jets. I go by Markus.’”

 Markus admitted that sometimes fans just assume that because of his size, he’s a football player.

 “I went to get something to eat for Cinco de Mayo, and someone says ‘Hey, LaRon!’ I said ‘I’m not him; he plays for the Jets,’” Markus said. “They were like, ‘Well who do you play for?’ I didn’t want to tell them, but I said I play for the Redskins. Then they were all, ‘Who are you?’ and then they asked me to sign something.”

 As for Gomes, he hasn’t been asked to sign any RGIII stuff, and he’s really hoping it doesn’t come to that. If it happens, though, he has a plan.

 “I can’t forge his signature,” Gomes said. “So I’ll just sign my name, flip over the memorabilia and try to walk off pretty fast before they realize.”