Earlier I highlighted a quote from Bryce Harper, where he stated that he wanted to be like Derek Jeter, and that the Yankees captain “is baseball.”

In a chat with Comcast SportsNet, Jeter returned the love, speaking highly of Harper and his game.

“You know what I like about [Harper], is he plays hard,” Jeter said. “You know, he plays everything hard. He runs on everything, which, a lot of times you don’t see all the time with young guys. Or with older guys, you don’t see guys hustle all the time, and I always like to see guys that hustle and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, and he’s one of those guys.”

In a column last month by Jason Reid, Mike Rizzo explained why the admiration these two players have for each other is good news for Nats fans.

“Jeter has not only been a supreme player and talent his whole career, but he has done it flawlessly,” Rizzo told Reid. “He’s the ultimate professional major leaguer. He’s the poster child for how to do it the right way.

“If Bryce is mentioned in the same breath as a Derek Jeter long term, as far as how he conducts himself, I would be extremely happy about that.”

In other Harper adoration, Chipper Jones explained to Yahoo! Sports why he gives Harper the edge over Mike Trout.

“I love Mike Trout,” Jones said. “But I have a man-crush on Bryce Harper.”