“Actually, I didn’t go out,” Stevenson said. “I go out a lot but I didn’t go out that night. I didn’t go to the party because my wife wasn’t there, she’s pregnant and I don’t think she can fly right now, so I’m not gonna go out and celebrate while she’s home. I already felt bad....I mean, I missed being there as a family, I know it was a good time, but at the same time I’m happy we got that championship. If my wife did come, she’s pregnant, we can’t be in the club like that. Somebody could push her, she could slip. It’s not a good look.”

Instead, he explained, he was playing cards for money with his financial advisor and best friend.

Also, the first question he was asked was “Have you gotten over your Finals hangover yet?”

“Not really,” he answered.

Anyhow, inevitably, comes Wednesday’s news that Stevenson was arrested for public intoxication by Irving police, who “found him wandering disoriented in an apartment complex.” The Dallas Morning News wrote that Stevenson did not know where he was. Not a good look.

Still, while being depressed about that, we can relish Stevenson’s answer when asked about his amazing LeBron t-shirt.

“I was in my room after the game playing cards, listening to music, and somebody knocked on my door. I didn’t know who he was. He had the shirt on, and I had the championship shirt on that we actually won, so I told him I’d give him mine if he gave me yours. And we swapped it out.... We swapped out and I wore it and it’s everywhere now.”

Or his answer when asked about his tension with LeBron.

“I mean, it was a lot of tension in that Wizards series and Cleveland, just because they knocked us out the first round three times,” Stevenson said. “I think with the whole Jay Z [thing], he made a song about me, we had stuff there, but it was a new team. I don’t know, for some reason, everybody loves that story. Everything I said in the [Heat] series got blown out of proportion. Jim Rome said something I supposedly said that I didn’t say, then a fake Facebook page is out there and I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I think people love that hype and they want to keep it going.”

Or his answer when asked about the Heat making fun of Dirk’s cough.

“I was pissed off about it. but at the same time it shows a lot about their character and how they do things,” Stevenson said. “And I think that’s why a lot of people dislike them or don’t like the way they handle things. You know, Dirk is a soldier. He plays through a torn finger, he had a sinus infection with a 101 temperature, and I don’t know if people know, a sinus infection is like the worst thing you could ever have.”

Just amazing stuff.