When news first broke that DeShawn Stevenson was arrested in Irving for public intoxication, the ensuing news items did not have any mention of “Stevenson said.”

Well, here’s some “Stevenson said” for ya, via the local Fox affiliate.

“I went to an apartment complex where my friends were at to have a good time, celebrate there,” Stevenson explained. “And I went over there, we had a couple drinks, I left, couldn’t find my phone, was looking for my phone, I was the only person out there. Couple cops came up to me, asked me was I drunk. I said no, I had a couple drinks. I guess he talked to somebody else and then he just put me in handcuffs for no reason. I didn’t want to say anything to incriminate myself, so I put myself in handcuffs.”

Stevenson said he laid on the cold floor of a jail cell for three or four hours, and then was released and given a $400 fine. Stevenson again praised Dallas and the Mavs community, but he wasn’t happy about his night in jail.

“I just think a lot of people get stereotyped, and if you see a person like me walking down the street, not in my suit and tie, in my average attire, it kind of looks suspect,” he said. “Winning a championship and getting accused of something you had nothing to do with, it hurts.”

He said, contrary to the police report, that he always knew where he was, that “God knows what happened” and that “when you’re a champion, everything is under a microscope.”

“And to me it hurts, because that’s not the way a champion should celebrate on his way home in Dallas, sleeping in a cell over a $400 fine,” Stevenson said.

Moments later, a passerby saw Stevenson being interviewed and called out “Hey, Keep on partying!!!”

“Thank you,” DeShawn said. “Thank you.”

“It’s sad for me, man, because I worked so hard to get this stereotype off me,” he concluded. “You’ve got guys out there that drink and drive and molest kids and do things like that, and he’s worrying about a guy walking around trying to find his phone. Which I still don’t have my phone.”

So if you found Stevenson’s phone, please turn it in. And you can go ahead and love him again with a clear conscious. Especially after watching the video of him at the victory rally, being introduced to the strains of Soulja Boy.