Remember when Devin Thomas called the Redskins the “Deadskins” to New York reporters last month? Well, the former Washington second-round draft pick was on ESPN 980 on Tuesday, where Doc Walker made him answer for himself.

“Oh yeah, I said that, I definitely said that,” Thomas said proudly. “To me, that came more about [from] hearing the lingo outside the walls of the Redskins. When you get into new areas, you hear terminology from fans and everything else. I did refer to the team as the Deadskins. But it’s no personal attack necessarily; more so the fact that it is my old team, I do have a past with them, and that’s just something I said.”

Those were a lot of words. Here were some more, concerning his return to FedEx Field.

“I spent two and a half years over there and started to build a relationship with the Shanahans and everything, getting to know ‘em and them getting to know me,” Thomas said. “And the bridge kind of got burned. So as a player coming back into town, having a year off and starting a season and playing against my former team, man you know it means a lot to me to go out there and handle my business and play hard and represent my new team, and to show the old team that they lost something special.”

Words! So many words!

Then Walker repeatedly told Thomas that his team would start the year 0-1, but that everything would still be ok.

“You know I’m gonna be smiling after the game once we put that spanking on y’all,” Thomas replied.