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The Redskins may insist that they’re “boring” now, and that’s why they’re winning, but Dexter Manley remains evidence that winners aren’t always bad quotes.

As evidence, presenting Manley’s “Dallas Week” segment with NBC Washington’s Dan Hellie this week. Among the highlights:

* “I’d rather lose an arm vs. a Cowboys win.”

* “We really had a dislike for each other, and it was genuine....What they really forgot was that Tom Landry didn’t have God on his side. We had a guy that had a direct line to God with Joe Gibbs, and I think that made it even better.”

* “You know, Danny White, they’re all the same, quarterbacks all the same, they want to be prima donnas. Like we had a guy who was a prima donna, Joe Theismann, but he was a great guy, great quarterback.”

* “I know this guy, Danny White, he just sucks on raw eggs, that’s all.”

* “You’re supposed to [target injuries]. Football is a game of injuries and it’s a game of fun. You have to take advantage of all those opportunities. Like I said earlier, football is the land of opportunity, and that’s part of the game....And I like that guy [DeAngelo Hall] if he wants to go after this guy [Romo] and take his head off. Take out his other rib if he can.”

See? Not boring.