Then Reader Jonathan sent me this screengrab. From his e-mails:

I know it looked like it was on the line from the other angle. This angle appears to disagree. I agree with you it probably wasn’t worth challenging at that point....They showed it from the wide angle first, then this angle (from the end zone looking out). But then the rest of the replays were from wide angle again (no idea why). My theory is that the nose of the ball hangs over the end line, but the body of the ball doesn’t hit it (but what do I know). I spent about five minutes getting the frame right from the DVR.

Is this conclusive? Possibly not. But it’s a much better angle than the one CBS kept giving us.

(Also, I hereby promise not to write anything else about officiating until next week. Also, I am not now, and have not previously, suggested that the Redskins have anyone to blame for losing other than themselves.)


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