Bruce Boudreau has found himself in the middle of yet anotherCanadian media firestorm. He seems to court these, no?

Tuesday morning, Boudreau was asked in Montreal about fans who were planning a Tuesday night protest against head shots in the game in light of the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty last week.

“Don’t come,” Boudreau said with a snort and a laugh. “If you don’t like it, don’t come to the games. I think the players realize they could get hurt. They don’t want to do it. But unless you’ve played and see what goes on at the speed of the game, you’re not gonna be able to argue with it. And listen, I don’t want to get into any controversy, but if that was Hal Gill that hit David Krejci, I don’t think there’d be a protest going on here today.”

I’d like to see fewer NHL players suffer catastrophic injuries. I also agree with Boudreau that Montreal fans would likely respond differently if it weren’t their player who had been hurt. And I also recognize that he said these things with a snort and a laugh, which he did.

Anyhow, below, see Boudreau’s face when making the comments, and then how it was played by two of the country’s most influential media companies, The Globe and Mail and TSN.