When I launched my drive to transcribe 7,000 interviews about Donovan McNabb lo these many days ago, I figured there would be tons of speculation about which team might most covet the Redskins quarterback’s services.

That’s not how it’s turned out. Instead, it’s been one analyst person after another just flaying McNabb’s declining desirability as an NFL starter. The latest was ESPN’s Trent Dilfer, who vivisected McNabb Wednesday on ESPN Radio.

“You know, this is a hard one, and I’ve got to put this in context,” Dilfer said, when asked about McNabb’s future. “Donovan McNabb’s one of my all-time favorite players. He’s one of my peers, been a great player for a long time.

“But what the film told me last year was that he doesn’t have a lot left. Very inaccurate, doesn’t have his legs like he used to have, plays very straight-up, not compact, everything’s slowed up a bit, didn’t play well in critical moments. Kind of all the things you’re looking for in your quarterback to help you win games, Donovan wasn’t able to do last year.

“Now, he’s an incredible competitor, and he may have taken this offseason and put it on his shoulders to get in better shape, get his mind right, and he may come out and perform better. But based on the tape last year, I don’t think he's a guy that’s gonna be highly coveted.”

Well. Ok. Fine. But besides all that, everything else he does is pretty awesome, right?