Since the matter of Comcast SportsNet, CSN Plus, the Wizards, the Capitals and high-definition game broadcasts continues to stir passionate responses from local fans, here’s some news.

DirecTV officially launches CSN Plus in HD on channel 643-1 this week. That means, starting with Friday night’s Wizards-Jazz game, any CSN-produced Caps or Wizards game with an HD feed will be available in high-def to DirecTV subscribers.

And that, in turn, means that every large provider in the Washington and Baltimore television market — including Comcast, Cox, Dish Network, MetroCast and Verizon — has a high-def home for CSN’s overflow programming.

CSN Plus is typically used when there is a conflict between Caps and Wizards games; there are 10 more of those this season, meaning there will be seven Wizards games on the Plus channel and three Caps games. (Yes, despite incessant conspiracy theories from Caps fans, the network works extremely hard to evenly divide the “Plus” games between the two teams.)

The Plus channel also carries some college and D.C. United games.