For one thing, Adams had an impressive redshirt freshman season, with 239 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns, the most-ever for a Maryland freshman and the most by any Terp since 2007.

For another, his disappearance from the offense for much of this season was never exactly explained; in 10 of Maryland’s 12 games this season, Adams had three or fewer carries. He was also suspended a game for a violation of team rules.

And then there was the post-transfer interview his father, Allen Lawrence, gave to the Baltimore Sun last month, which included this passage:

Lawrence said that the problems seemed to begin when Adams showed up sporting blonde hair for preseason camp.

“That was just a camp thing. It was a fun gesture to the team, but I think it was taken a lot of different ways,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said that his son’s personality might have also been taken the wrong way by the new coaching staff.

“The perception was being skewed one way when we know him to be a certain type of person,” Lawrence said. “They talk about the earrings and that swagger. I think as a football player you need swagger and confidence and that team lacked it. I think swagger has a bad connotation.”

Now, Coach Randy Edsall declined to comment to the Sun, so this is admittedly only one side of a very odd claim — that blond hair contributed to the departure of a talented player. But as long as that claim is out there, I wanted to show what Adams actually looked like in his blond state. This photo, from Facebook, was dug up by a loyal reader.

That’s....not very dramatic, anyhow.

In other Edsall news, CBS Sports’s Bruce Feldman — the co-author of Mike Leach’s recent book — put Maryland atop his recent list of 2011 duds, writing this:

Randy Edsall’s first season in College Park was a disaster of the highest order. The Terps got off to a nice start, edging a seriously depleted Miami team that was gutted by NCAA suspensions, but then things completely fell apart. They didn’t beat another FBS program the rest of the way. They got blown out at home by Temple 38-7. They lost to a bad BC team by 11. They blew a huge second-half lead against NC State....Somewhere, Ralph Friedgen is probably still laughing at his bosses who ran him out of his alma mater after winning ACC Coach of the Year honors.

Also, AD Kevin Anderson was grilled by Maryland fans at an on-campus panel last week. A passage from the student paper:

“Right now I have a football coach who hasn’t become a darling of the media,” he said.

In a later question, Anderson added: “Randy wants things a certain way. It’s safe to say that this year we have made mistakes. We’re talking about different approaches now, so I think in the future there will be different approaches.”

Here’s to that approach including a tolerance for blond hair.

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