So after weeks of preparation, this was the weekend where everything came up DJ Pauly D.

I heard on Saturday that the Jersey Shore star would be making his Verizon Center debut during Sunday’s matinee. My daughter’s fourth birthday party prevented me from stalking Pauly D in person. Luckily there were plenty of others to stalk in my place.

Pauly’s weekend of Red Rocking began on Saturday, when he and Alex Ovechkin wound up on stage together during Shamrock Fest. This also led to mutual online love between the two dance-music lovers.

“DJPaulyD going to the game tom...he gonna scream let’s go caps!aaahhaha” Ovechkin wrote on Twitter. “Beat That Beat Up!!! My boy PaulyD is the BEST!!!!!”

“Going To Support My Main Homie @ovi8 @ The Caps Game Right Now,” Pauly later wrote, using plenty of capital letters.

You’l l recall that the Caps’ love of Pauly D was first revealed during HBO’s 24/7; it turned out that John Carlson and Karl Alzner were most responsible for bringing Pauly’s music into the dressing room.

“I’m trying to get someone to get him down to a game,” Carlson told me in January. “I doubt he’s a hockey fan, but maybe it’ll help his reputation.”

Sure enough, the man himself showed up to Sunday’s Blackhawks game, earning a blog post from Ted Leonsis.

“Who needs POTUS when you can have DJ Pauly D come to the box; pose for pictures with everyone; and go up on the big screen and ‘Beat that beat up,’ Leonsis wrote. “He is a very polite young man, very studious and courteous. I liked him very much. He and Alex Ovechkin have become friends. John Carlson and Eric Fehr know him as well.”

So, naturally, when the Caps won in overtime, the game entertainment folks found Pauly in the crowd. He pumped his fist. The screen showed Caps players from the HBO series, pumping their fists. Fans took cell phone videos. (Watch it all here.) Good times.

Then Pauly D went to the dressing room, where a weird dynamic ensued. Like, watch this video. Unless I’m crazy, that’s Eric Fehr anxiously attempting to engage Pauly in conversation, while Pauly is instead transfixed by a shirtless Ovechkin. You kind of feel a little sorry for Fehr. At least, I do. That’s via Gunaxin, which has more on the absurdity.

The postgame was all about the DJ, in fact. Mike Knuble admitted that he wasn’t listening to questions because he was too busy watching Pauly’s victory tour.

And so now, we just have to wait to see how many playoff games Pauly will go to, and whether he’ll be the official DJ for the parade down Pennsylvan.... well, I guess it’s probably best not to go there yet. But you know I’m not the only one thinking about it.