I found this quote from Dmitri on the Web site of Caribes de Anzoategui, the team he’s playing for. Translation via my colleague Paul Tenorio:

“I am extremely pleased with this opportunity to return to baseball. I haven’t played officially since 2009, and also in 2010 I was a coach in an independent league, but I still have the desire to play. I have prepared myself to take on this responsibility, and I didn’t lose 50 pounds in vain, [but] in order to help the team and return to the level I was before.

He certainly does look trimmer than the last time we saw him on a baseball field. Young also has told Bill Ladson that he wants to play in the Major Leagues in 2012.

Young played first base and hit third on Wednesday, going 2-for-4 with a walk, two strikeouts and an RBI.

(Via Aaron Boone, naturally.)