Almost a full 24 hours later, Walker appeared on ESPN 980’s morning-after Skins show, and by that point his comments had intensified.

I mean, this is Doc Walker, a man who dearly wants every player on the hometown team to be a neanderthal or a warthog or a gila monster or a caveman. He wants to praise the burgundy and gold. And he just couldn’t do it with Beck.

A sampling:

* “I just think you still had a chance to win. And I’ve heard the mantra so much about the best chance to win, which I’m in total agreement [with]. But when I see this kid struggling the way he’s struggling, then I don’t understand it [unless Grossman is hurt]. I can’t figure it out, unless somebody’s holding somebody ransom, then I don’t understand why you would damage yourself.”

* “Everybody works so hard all week, from the secretaries to the sales people, assistant coaches, strength and conditioning, trainers. I mean, it’s such a heck of an effort, for one game, a three-hour period. And to sacrifice the rest of the crew to that point, it’s just very difficult to deal with.”

* “I don’t want to feel bad for somebody who’s a pro. I mean if that were any other position on the field struggling like that, they’d be gone. I mean, it’s not even a notion. But I get it.”

* “I just feel like somebody’s being held hostage. I like the guy. But see, this is what he asked for. He wanted to be the guy. He wanted to be the guy. He wanted this moment. And I appreciate that. But I don’t have the patience to sit through something that my heart tells me will never work. And I’m watching body language of the people that play on the side of the ball with him, and they feel it as well. See, this is the part you can’t fake. You can say whatever you want to say, but one thing’s for sure, I got good vision and I’m pretty close to the action.”

* “I hate to make the comparison, but he’s a pro. And I’ll tell you what, if he was physically able to run a little bit, I would take Joe Theismann today, today. Because I’ve seen him get hit, where we missed blocks and have done bad things; this dude is just as competitive as hell and he’ll find a way to make something happen. I’ve never been in a huddle with a guy that had that supreme confidence. Even if we were losing, even if we were getting murdered, whatever the case was, I never saw the look on his face that I see on this guy’s face.”

* “That position is not evaluated fairly, and I get it. If it goes wrong, we blame. If it goes well, we make ‘em Peyton Manning. I understand that. But they ask for it. We didn’t kidnap him and bring him here. He asked for it. He wants to do this thing. He’s giving you effort, the guy’s prepared, he wants to do it, he’s got everything there. But at some point, somebody has got to say, Not now. Not at the risk of the effort of 52 guys. And that’s a thing that I’m not comfortable with.”

* “You know what, I hope they prove me wrong. Personally, I don’t see it. Even worse than seeing is I don’t feel it....You’re gonna have to come to some grips with making a decision with John, or somebody’s got to explain it to me.”