Former Redskins GM and current Baltimore radio host Vinny Cerrato welcomed Rick ‘Doc’ Walker on his 105.7 show to preview the Redskins last week.

I know it’s a week old, and I know you’re all sick of my Vinny Cerrato posts, but this led to one of the greatest question-and-answer I’ve ever heard on sports talk radio.

Cerrato: “Hey Doc, has it been a peaceful camp this year? You haven’t had the McNabb and the Haynesworth things to cause all kind of issues and media attention?”

 Walker: “Well absolutely. I mean, number one, you were a rock star, so you took a lot of publicity and that kind of stuff away from [camp]. This is calm now. Calm. There’s really nothing. It’s boring. You would hate it. You wouldn’t even understand this, because all it is is football. It’s just practice.”

I mean, Vinny invited Doc over, opened the door, shook his hand, offered him drinks and snacks, and then Doc dumped a bucket of rotten fennel over his head.


Or, in the proper parlance, heeheeheeheeheeheehee.