(Nick Wass/AP)

But I do care about his excuse for not being in D.C. Via the Wash Times:

Williams, who worked out regularly in Houston during the offseason, explained himself by noting that he does not have email.

I just can’t imagine there are too many 23-year olds in the D.C. area who don’t have e-mail accounts, so I simply had to ask Williams if he actually has no e-mail.

“NOW I do,” he told me this week. “I didn’t. Well, what happened was I was using my school e-mail. But after you’re gone for a year, they kind of kick you off. They don’t even tell you.”

But still, that means he was living without any e-mail and he didn’t even notice. Unusual for a man of his age, I suggested.

“Really?” he replied. “ Nah. I never use e-mail. I still don’t check my e-mail. I’ve juts never been an e-mail guy. I do a lot of texting....I ain’t never been an e-mail guy. I don’t have no Facebook, I don’t have no Twitter or nothing. There’s a fake Facebook of me. Got to report that to somebody. I like computers, I just never got into the social network type stuff.”

So, his new e-mail account? It entered the world about three weeks ago, right before training camp began. And how did it enter the world?

“I had somebody set it up for me,” Williams explained.