Now, I don’t know what most of that means, but I do understand “politics junkie,” a description that was reinforced when Stallworth tweeted a selection of the books he will bring with him to D.C. Interesting library.

And then Stallworth went on 106.7 The Fan with Holden Kushner and Brian Mitchell, where he was asked, naturally, about raising the debt ceiling.

“I think the first thing they need to get done is stop pointing fingers and basically do what the owners and the players did,” Stallworth said. “I actually tweeted about this the other day. If we can make it work, then they can make it work. The biggest thing when I started following politics a couple years ago, you never get Republicans saying that the Democrats are right, and vice versa. Whatever needs to happen should happen for what’s best for the American people. But at the end of the day ,it’s Republicans vs. Democrats. And usually one side has to lean over to the other side more for something to get done, unfortunately. Now that I’m coming to be a Redskin, hopefully I can go to the White House and talk to Obama or John Boehner and get something done.”

That was not a typical welcome-to-D.C. sports interview.

More typical, perhaps, was this, when Stallworth was asked about coming to the Skins.

“They probably have one of the best fan bases in the country,” he said. “I remember every time coming to play the Redskins, that was one of the biggest things that I would always notice was how big their fan base was. It’s amazing to go there. I’m not really familiar with the Redskins just yet, but with all of the pig masks, all the burgundy and yellow, I’m excited to be part of it.”

Pig masks. Word.

I will say that Stallworth completely has his pulse on the John Beck Experiment, through time spent with Beck in Baltimore.

“He’s definitely not short on confidence,” Stallworth said, in something of an understatement. “That’s one thing that I noticed about him when I first met him, he’s not short on confidence. And that’s one thing your quarterback can’t lack, is confidence, and John doesn’t lack that at all.”

As for the Ninja thing, “that’s more undercover,” Stallworth said. “But I’m gonna try to get some of that going on that field this year as well.”

(Via SB Nation DC, sort of.)